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Brainscan #20

Brainscan #20
Product Code: Brainscan #20
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This zine is about reflection and synthesis of location and it's effect on the human condition. It's full of stories that fit nicely into a Venn diagram.

There are stories about Alex Wrekk living in Utah, stories about living in Portland, and stories that merge the two; illuminating that Utah always finds her or that she's always managing to find it.

Other themes are home and place through stories about personal ghosts, lost friendship, late night adventures, a coffeeshop, heartache, drinking, and the untimely demise of her bicycle, Jamie; exploring the connections between cyclists and the city streets they love. Quarter sized with hand affixed covers and continues the tradition from last issue of being very text heavy with high contrast cut and paste layout. This zine came out in 2003

review from virus zine:
This is a great zine, written by Alex Wrekk. The cover is made of beautiful paper she pressed herself at the Independent Publishing Resource Center. The writing is so personal and so conversational, it's hard not to read it all in one sitting, but at 64 pages, it was a long sitting. A letter to Utah, pieces on working at a crappy coffee shop and all the crushes people had on her while she worked there (and the odd things they gave her/said to her), the story of a rather interesting evening with the title Jesus Triathlon (one shot of alcohol, an entire pint of beer, and an entire cup of coffee - sounds like fun). More stuff on the boy from the coffee shop, and heaps of wonderful personal writing about life and adventures. This was a great read.

another review:
-Alex's zine is always beautifully and artistically constructed, and this is no exception. #20 deals with travel and memories of home, and has pieces on Utah, the coffeeshop where she used to work, a failed relationship, the theft of a beloved bike, giving insecure girls a punk-rock education, and much more.

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