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RADON by Travis Fristoe & Aaron Cometbus

RADON by Travis Fristoe & Aaron Cometbus
RADON by Travis Fristoe & Aaron Cometbus RADON by Travis Fristoe & Aaron Cometbus
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This book is about Radon, but it's not really about Radon. You don't even need to know who Radon is. I mean, I wouldn't know about Radon if it wasn't for my horrible ex-husband who listened to them a lot as he worked on shoddy home improvement projects in the basement. The difference between Radon and other music that he listened to while pretending he was an electrician (like the Minutemen) is that I still like Radon. I was actually thinking about them last week and about how there are some bands that transcend you break up with someone. Some bands you just want to toss their records in the garbage or you don't care if you lose them "the great record collection separation" Radon is one of those bands that stuck with me with no strings attached.

But back to this book. it's about Radon, but it doesn't have to be about Radon. Pretend it is about some local band that you loved, but no one in the town you moved to knows anything about.  It's about punk and the relation and/or chasm between the music and the people that create the music. Punk is contradictory and irrational and we celebrate that through music and culture. Punks take punk very seriously, yet deep down we understand the utter ridiculousness of it.

"perhaps that's the point: You go to a gig for a collective feeling of catharsis. You yell words with a crowd that you'd be embarrassed to whisper to a friend."

-Aaron Cometbus

Travis' portion of the books reads more as an insider who was fortunate enough to have a personal trajectory that matched that of a band, a time, and a place. It's a twist of punk and the absurdity that is Florida. Travis dances around the humor of a band and scene and it makes you feel like he is letting you in on a good joke.

In conclusion, Radon is a lot like Florida.

This little book/zine is a love letter to punk culture and represents why we should be documenting our own awkward and ridiculous history, because nobody is going to do it for us.



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