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The Best Game Ever (because it is about zines)

The Best Game Ever (because it is about zines)
The Best Game Ever (because it is about zines) The Best Game Ever (because it is about zines) The Best Game Ever (because it is about zines)
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Ths is a card game about zines!

Want to know how to spend your time when you are not making zines? How about playing a card game about zines? The genius creator of this game, Billy Da Bunny, says it’s like a cross between Canasta and Magic: The Gathering. Well, I have never played Canasta and I haven’t played Magic since 1996. I think it s across between FLUXX and this weird craft brew board game called BrewMaster that you have probably never heard of.

The goal is to create a zine with an idea card, content card/s, and put it all together with a binder card. There are unfortunate cards to play on your fellow zine players like “cheap glue stick” “blank page” “gettin caught stealing copies” and “poorly done collage” There are also awesome cards like “copy shop hook up” and certain cards that work synergistically like “band photo” and “band interview” that give you extra points.

The goal is to create and finish by binding a zine with the most points without having them stolen or altered. You can play to a certain point goal or make up your own rules. I totally see room for expansion packs like “split zine” of “zine fest” or “zine tour” in the future. I vote this the best to play at a zine fest when you get a half table and are sharing the other half with a stranger to get to know them! -AW

Instruction zine included

72  4"x3" cards including 2 blanks to add your own awesome-ness!

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