Portland Button Works

The Portland Button Works shop wil be closed from Monday April 20 -24!

We are closing the website down a little early to take care of our current work order and will be opening it back up on Friday.

Everyone needs a little vacation sometimes!

We'll be back on Saturday April 25th from 10-5.


We are also currently wokring on a complete website overhaul with lots of new bells and whistles! Some of those bells and whistled include: a shop blog with interviews with zinesters and some of our repeat customers, new payment options, wholesale accounts for stores and distros, and the big one: The Portland Button Works Design-O-Matic web based design software where you can create your own button designs right on our site! This will be available for computers, ipads, and even a phone app!

Expect the shop redeisgn to go live on Saturday May 2nd!

If you have any questions while we are out of town please feel free to email portlandbuttonworks@gmail.com